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Description is Online Course Evaluation Info for Faculty When do evaluations open and close? Students can access their course evaluations 7 days before the course end date. Course evaluation access, for students, closes 4 days after the course end date. Course end dates are generally the last day of finals, but there can be a variety of exceptions. Please check your course end dates in Br. LUWIS to confirm when evaluations will be available. How are the evaluations distributed? Students automatically receive an evaluation for each course in which they are enrolled. Note that online courses use a slightly longer evaluation form. Students can complete their evaluations in the Course Evaluations portal channel or via the link in the reminder email. When are email alerts sent? Students receive reminder emails on Sunday and Thursday nights during the evaluation period. Instructors receive completion rate notifications through email on Sunday nights during the evaluation period. When are the results available? Instructors have access to the evaluation results after final grades are submitted. Results can be viewed in the Course Evaluations portal channel.
Resolution is For more information, please review this guide-
Description is Where can I find training and documentation for using Collaborate?
Resolution is Please visit the Blackboard Collaborate resource page at for video tutorials and printable guides. For more information, you can also visit for training and documentation resources.
Description is When I try to access Collaborate, my browser downloads a JNLP file. What is that?
Resolution is Blackboard Collaborate utilizes Java for each session and to playback recordings. Each time you enter a session or playback a recorded session, you will be asked to run a JNLP file. You must run (open) this file or the application will not load.
Description is When accessing Wimba, the chat and participant frames across the bottom of the screen are scrambled.
Resolution is There is currently an issue with accessing Wimba when using Safari on a Mac, where the chat and participant frames can become scrambled or blank. The content frame appears normally. Affected Platforms Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 Java 7 Safari Suggested Workaround The current Wimba suggested workaround is to use the Firefox browser. Firefox can be downloaded and installed by going to accessing Wimba for the first time, the Wizard must be run to ensure that all Wimba components and Java are working properly. During the Java test, you may need to activate the Java plugin by doing the following- Click on the red plugin piece icon by the URL bar Select Activate All Plugins Select Always activate plugins for this site If you are unable to access Wimba using the Firefox browser, please submit a Helpdesk ticket for further assistance.
Description is Having Wimba trouble? Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your computer is ready to run Wimba.
Resolution is Before you access Wimba for the first time, or if you are experiencing trouble accessing Wimba, please follow these steps- Step 1- Check the System Requirements Prior to accessing a Wimba room, make sure that your computer is running the right software. If you are not using a supported browser or Java version, then you may experience issues connecting to Wimba. Check the system requirements here- To install the latest version of Java, please go to Step 2- Run the Wimba Wizard Wimba provides a setup wizard to help you make sure your computer is set up correctly to access and participate in a Wimba session. It is recommended that you run the wizard at least 30 minutes before your scheduled session to give you enough time to correct any issues that occur. Run the wizard here- Troubleshooting Steps If the Wimba wizard encounters any issues, you will be provided with links to access the corresponding support documents.In most cases, issues with the wizard or with accessing a Wimba room are related to a problem with the Java plugin installed on the computer. If there is a problem with Java, you can test to see if your plugin is working correctly by going to Additional steps may need to be taken to resolve Java issues, such as clearing the Java cache, clearing the browser cache, or re-insalling Java. For detailed instructions please visit
Description is If I am a new student, staff, or faculty member, how do I know what my La Salle username and password are?
Resolution is Students will receive a letter containing a username and password approximately five business days after being accepted to the University. Faculty/Staff members will receive a letter approximately five days after completing paperwork in Human Resources/Payroll. The letters are sent to your permanent mailing address.
Description is How do I submit a new Helpdesk ticket using the iSupport Helpdesk system?
Resolution is 1. Search for keywords related to your issue in the search textbox. Look to see if any of the knowledge entries addresses your issue. 2. If you cannot find an appropriate knowledge entry, click the link to "Create an incident." 3. Provide a detailed description of your issue and press "Save" when finished. Someone will contact you to address your issue.
Description is How can I log into SkyDrive?
Resolution is Access Information You can access SkyDrive from the MyLasalle Portal or directly from You can also download the SkyDrive app which allows you to sync files between your PC and your SkyDrive account. You can download the app here: Login Information Your Windows Live ID is your La Salle email address (ex., or For faculty/staff, your password is in the form of, where MMDDYY is your six-digit birthday, and abc is the first three letters of your La Salle username. For students, your password is the same one that you use to log into email. Submit a ticket if you need to reset your password.
Description is When a faculty/staff member searches their email box for a message or other item, an error may appear stating "Search results may take a long time to appear because Microsoft Exchange Search is unavailable." The search will not complete correctly.
Resolution is We are aware of the issue, and do not expect a resolution prior to our migration to an upgraded email system in the summer of 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Description is University-issued Blackberry devices require a password, which helps prevent unauthorized use. If a Blackberry is not used for at least thirty minutes you will need to enter your password to unlock the device. If you enter the password incorrectly ten times, the Blackberry will automatically delete all information on the device. The Blackberry will be unusable until it is reactivated by Information Technology.
Resolution is You must submit an incident, requesting that your Blackberry be re-activated.